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Thinking of Enhancing the Beauty of Your Backyard?

Searching for a décor online isn’t easy and especially when you want something unique for your outdoor space, which can stand out with the addition of a classy concrete fire table, for example.  These beautiful large pieces are designed to perfection keeping your product demand in mind. To give you a clear picture, take a look at four different architectures to help you understand the wide varieties available.


Varieties of décor to choose from

Knowing what you want can help you select the best. The exterior of your home deserves an attraction to make it an ultimate spot for you to relax, for your private parties, birthday celebrations and other small gatherings that are often done in the open space around your house. Furthermore, concrete fire tables are said to add beauty, elegance, and class into that area.


  1. Luxe Fire Table

Your outdoor can be decorated with outstanding piece of architecture and this fire feature has everything you have been looking for. It’s 3 times stronger and 3 times lighter with a proper base diameter to give a rooted grip. Easy to set up, it comes with a one click fire ignite option with Android, iPhone, iPad, and few other electronic devices. It comes with a nice table top and has a durable structure to last longer.  These can be found in two different sizes depending on where you want it for.


  1. Burbank Concrete Fire Table

Another piece of architecture to add charm into your backyard, this concrete fire table comes with a linear brass bullet burner to ignite 50% more flame. It has a good dimension for a table top surface and it’s sized to fit your requirement just right. You are free to choose your size based on the spot you want it for, it’s one of the best designs with defined finish and lustrous color which hides any chance of discoloration and fading.


  1. Vegas Fire Table

This piece is said to be best for residential and commercial application and comes with a base and a top diameter. Has a stainless steel fire ring and can be ignited with a click from your iPhone, iPad, or Android. It also comes with a table top space and a durable structure to last longer. You will be surprised how it adds an element of style in a particular area.


  1. Legacy Fire Table

It’s a beautiful lightweight structure that will enhance the beauty of any residential or commercial surrounding. It comes with a drop in flat pan to give a perfect grip and a tabletop service to complement its structure. You can easily light up the fire with simply a single click with your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

If you want a mobile architecture for your residential or commercial surrounding then Outdoor Fire and Patio is the best place to find something of your choice. You can visit or call them at (866) 488-6518.

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