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Ideas to Give your Lawn a Luxurious Look

outdoor fire and patio

Your lawn or backyard is one of the most beautiful locations in your home. However, decorating this corner needs patience and a lot of attention. Installing or adding anything for the sake of installing can disrupt the symmetry of space.

Nowadays, popular landscape designers recommend planters, especially large concrete planters, for decorating spacious lawns and gardens. However, what would you do if you have a small garden? You can always scale down, and install smaller planters. Here are some of the options you can choose from,


Urn shaped pots:

As the name suggests, these pots shaped like an urn. The fashionable design and durable structure make it one of the most picked items for a landscaping project. Available in multiple colors, some manufacturers even apply a protective coat to prevent UV damage.


Kona Planter Bowls:

Contemporary Planters like these help in providing symmetry to the landscape, and gives it a new personality. Usually, found in square shapes, these spacious pots can hold the necessary quantity of soil to help the plants in growing easily.

Bowl-shaped planters:

These bowl-shaped pots would remind you of your kitchen containers. Generally, these pot stands are suitable for gardening and landscaping during the winter season. Several manufacturers try to use durable materials like concrete to make these pots, increasing their shelf life.

Planning on buying planters for your home or office space? The Outdoor Fire and Patio are one of the most reliable manufacturers of small or large commercial planters. Have a look at their stunning collections at or call (866) 488-6518 to know more about them.

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