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5 Fire Trench Accessories to Beautify your Landscape

outdoor fire and patio

Enhancing your outdoor landscape is not easy; it requires vision and the right purchase to fill the space with classy attraction. However, accessorizing a fire pit correctly can drive even the furnishing experts crazy. To bring the point home, you don’t have to look elsewhere in order to know what makes up incredible fire fixtures, check out these accessories that can cover all your needs.

outdoor fire and patio_02

  1. Fire pit glass

Setting up a fire trench isn’t enough, enhancing the look and texture of its fire comes under beautifying too. Fire glass is designed to resist the extreme heat that a pit creates. To simplify it for you, the rough grounded glass won’t melt or create any soot but just increase the beauty altogether.

outdoor fire and patio_03

  1. Fire pit glass stones

This accessory is one notch higher than fire glass. These beauties come in several forms like black diamond luster, midnight blue luster, powder blue luster and more. However, words don’t do justice to these pretty fire pit stones; these attractive fire accessories deserve a glance for sure.

outdoor fire and patio_04

  1. Gas fire pit burner

The gas burner completes the look of every fire feature. Different categories will add up to the durability and beauty of your fire trench. Furthermore, exceptional accessories like stainless steel fire pit burners can be the ultimate fit for your search.

outdoor fire and patio_05

  1. Gas Fire Pit Inserts

Fire feature inserts can be found individually or in a kit. It’s easier and faster to buy the inserts in a kit because they are mostly ready to install and prepare your fire feature conveniently.

outdoor fire and patio_06

  1. Gas Fire Pit Tables

Lastly, to assemble these accessories, you will require a fixture which these fire pit tables are fit for. You might want to set an innovative yet structurally strong table to reflect the beauty of the accessories you are planning. These fire tables come in various varieties like copper, steel, concrete, and even music city fire tables.

To set up an incredible fire pit in your landscape, you can browse through Outdoor Fire and Patio by visiting or dial (866)488-6518 to order your requirements directly.  They stock some of the latest and attractive pieces for your landscape furnishing.

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Thinking of Enhancing the Beauty of Your Backyard?

Searching for a décor online isn’t easy and especially when you want something unique for your outdoor space, which can stand out with the addition of a classy concrete fire table, for example.  These beautiful large pieces are designed to perfection keeping your product demand in mind. To give you a clear picture, take a look at four different architectures to help you understand the wide varieties available.


Varieties of décor to choose from

Knowing what you want can help you select the best. The exterior of your home deserves an attraction to make it an ultimate spot for you to relax, for your private parties, birthday celebrations and other small gatherings that are often done in the open space around your house. Furthermore, concrete fire tables are said to add beauty, elegance, and class into that area.


  1. Luxe Fire Table

Your outdoor can be decorated with outstanding piece of architecture and this fire feature has everything you have been looking for. It’s 3 times stronger and 3 times lighter with a proper base diameter to give a rooted grip. Easy to set up, it comes with a one click fire ignite option with Android, iPhone, iPad, and few other electronic devices. It comes with a nice table top and has a durable structure to last longer.  These can be found in two different sizes depending on where you want it for.


  1. Burbank Concrete Fire Table

Another piece of architecture to add charm into your backyard, this concrete fire table comes with a linear brass bullet burner to ignite 50% more flame. It has a good dimension for a table top surface and it’s sized to fit your requirement just right. You are free to choose your size based on the spot you want it for, it’s one of the best designs with defined finish and lustrous color which hides any chance of discoloration and fading.


  1. Vegas Fire Table

This piece is said to be best for residential and commercial application and comes with a base and a top diameter. Has a stainless steel fire ring and can be ignited with a click from your iPhone, iPad, or Android. It also comes with a table top space and a durable structure to last longer. You will be surprised how it adds an element of style in a particular area.


  1. Legacy Fire Table

It’s a beautiful lightweight structure that will enhance the beauty of any residential or commercial surrounding. It comes with a drop in flat pan to give a perfect grip and a tabletop service to complement its structure. You can easily light up the fire with simply a single click with your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

If you want a mobile architecture for your residential or commercial surrounding then Outdoor Fire and Patio is the best place to find something of your choice. You can visit or call them at (866) 488-6518.

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Which Gas For Your Fire Feature?

A gas fire feature is the perfect foil to enjoying an outdoor fire. You don’t have to worry about collecting and storing firewood. You will not be bothered with patiently igniting the logs and waiting for the embers to die out in the end. Things are as easy as turning the gas control on and off!

Which Gas For Your Fire Feature_outdoor fire and patio

Now there are two options in gas concrete fire tables and pits – You can opt for natural gas or propane.

You will most likely have a natural gas connection already in your home. It is delivered through pipelines to power water heaters, stoves and the like. Therefore, all you have to do is hook up the fire feature to your existing gas line. However, this will make the fire pit or table a stationary fixture where it is connected to the gas line. You cannot move it easily. Moreover, you will have to dig up the yard to install a gas line in case your home doesn’t have an existing connection.

On the other hand, propane comes in bottles or small cylinders. Gas fire pit tables usually contain a hidden compartment for storing the tank. In case of a fire pit or bowl, you will have to consider where to locate the propane bottle so that it does not become an eyesore. However, propane brings the ease of moving the fire feature wherever you wish in the backyard and a fire table can also be shifted indoors whenever you want.

Then again, propane works out more expensive than natural gas. But it is considered a more efficient fuel compared to natural gas. Yet, you will also have to keep refills handy if you don’t want the fire to extinguish midway when the tank runs dry.

Outdoor Fire & Patio ( offers a mind-blowing range of copper, steel and concrete fire tables, bowls and pits. All of them are compatible with both propane and natural gas.

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Why I Love My Fire Pit Table?

Two winters back, I decided to buy a fire feature and ordered a gas fire pit table at Outdoor Fire and Patio offers new, elegant and unique designs in copper, steel and concrete fire pit tables to name a few. It was affordable, safe and since then has transformed our outdoor space completely.


I enjoy seeing the fire pit table occupying prime position in the backyard and has become a focal point that draws everyone’s attention. The sitting grouped around the fire table looks so inviting and we spend most of our evening lounging there with the fire blazing in our midst.

It’s very easy to handle the gas fire on the long table. I just had to get it hooked up to my natural gas line and the fire gets going at the flick of a switch. There’s no hassle of kindling the fire and extinguishing it carefully like the wood fire pits I have seen in my neighbors’ gardens. Nor do I have to worry about the flying sparks, the embers or cleaning the soot.

In fact, now it has become a family ritual to gather around the fire after dinner and we spend the time roasting marshmallows, playing card games or just stargazing. It’s fun to have get-togethers with friends as we group together and chill out for hours on weekends. I don’t even mind basking there all alone either and quite enjoy staring into the depths of the fire by myself.

And I don’t have to worry about the cool weather ending either. Come summer, I just cover the burner section with a metal cover and use it as a regular patio table. Sometimes we even end up using it for barbecues in the backyard.

Over all, it was a good investment and a wise decision. I am particularly pleased with the quality of the concrete fire pit tables and am sure we will continue to enjoy it for years to come!

concrete fire tables, Copper Fire Bowls, Copper Fire Pit Tables

Enjoy A Warm Evening


We all love to sit beside fire and enjoy a cozy evening getting warmed up with our loved ones. With different shapes, styles, finishes and colors, you can find out the perfect copper fire pit table to complement your outdoor space.

All copper fire pit table  from Outdoor Fire and Patio consists of the following parts:

  • Fire pit
  • LC Certified Match Lit System Kit
  • Whistle free flex line
  • SS Burner & Plate
  • Lava Rock
  • Access Door
  • Air Vents
  • Key valve

The added accessories include:

  • Match Lit or Automated system
  • Has the Propane Tank outside the unit
  • Takes around 2-4 Week of production time

Outdoor Fire and Patio, with their one-of-a kind customer service and excellent quality products has been the choice for many to redesign their outdoor space. Visit to know about the plethora of collection on gas fireplace and pit design needs. For any queries on the orders or installation, call 1-866-488-6518.