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Did You Know about the Three main Gas Fire Pit Tables?

For every home, what can be a better option than a fireplace that is the ultimate cozy focal point to sit around and relax with family and friends? Delivering a warm glow which is both enjoyable as well as relaxing, Gas Fire Pit Table is definitely a smart addition to the modern home decors.


Whether you are looking for concrete or metallic fire tables, all of these fire tables can help maintain the organic, and natural look of the property. The ultra-compact fire table tops are basically unique to each of the items, but what is most important is the safety and quality of the products.

As Gas Fire Pit Tables have bring in the new wave of landscape decor for both residential as well as commercial complexes, there are now plenty of options to choose from. Depending on the ambience and your budget, you can choose from the broad categories such as:

Gas Fire Pit Tables

Concrete fire pit tables

Made from the blend of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), these are structurally strong but are light to carry. Concrete artisans of the USA individually design these concrete fire tables. They are carefully marked taking into consideration the gas fire burners. There are different dimensions available for the gas fire burners and the artisans can custom crate the fire features for a beautiful finish. You can get the bullet burner that is so designed to produce 50% higher flame with 30% lesser consumption. These tables are liquid propane and natural gas compatible, not to forget how beautiful they look as an outdoor landscape feature.

Copper Fire Pit Tables

The metal fire pit tables are generally handcrafted individually and are customized according to the order. You can get various options of shapes, styles, finishes and colors hinging on the rest of the adornments in the surrounding mood.

These fire pit tables come with certified match lit system kit, stainless steel burner, stainless steel plate, and lava rock.  And, interestingly, these pit tables are all liquid propane or natural gas compatible.

Steel Fire Pit Tables

The steel fire pit tables are also individually handcrafted and can be customized depending on the size and budget.  The artisans offer different styles, colors, shapes, and finishes that would suit any residential or commercial need.

The outdoor market has a huge demand for these fire pit tables and all of them have certified match lit system kit, stainless steel burner, stainless steel plate, and lava rock along with the order.  Similar to the metal fire pit tables, these are also liquid propane or natural gas compatible.

Outdoor Fire and Patio is the innovator in fire pit products. Not just the quality and designs, OFP has utmost care in maintaining the safety and quality of these products. From top-notch customer support to friendly staffs with decade long experience, provides brilliant service and products. Visit to find out more.

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Why Gas Tiki Torches should be your next Outdoor Decor

Tiki torches, Hawaii

Winter is coming!

Are you ready to enjoy your magical evenings with some extra warmth?

Well, the last months of the year certainly doesn’t call for the perfect time to enjoy the outdoor evenings but there are many occasions, most certainly the new year bash party, when your friends and family would gather around for merry making.

Tiki torches have been a loved choice for years now when it comes to decorating the outdoor landscape and patios. It gives a cosy appeal as well as brings out a dazzling charm to the ambience.

To enliven your outdoors with the various options of dazzling charm gas tiki torches with their flickering flame creates a beautiful visual.

The versatility of tiki torches

Did you know tiki torches are a part of the Tiki culture? It was actually adopted from the Polynesian style by those in the US in the early 1930s. These flaming torches were commonly found in Tiki-themed restaurants and huts. It had a specific look that immediately made visitors think it to be associated with a romantic backdrop. Given the elegance and the beauty of the items, the Tiki torch found its way across many homes not just in the US but globally.

Given the Malama, lantern, finger, Olympic top styles, it is not very hard to see why this beautiful, flaming addition has found its place in many residential gardens and even commercial landscapes.

Initially, the use of the Gas tiki torches was a frolic approach to recreate Hawaii’s tropical backdrop however, there is more here than what the meets the eye. The quick and easy option to alight an outdoor space with an enthralling luminance was an exciting option for many households. Unlike the large fireplaces and string lights, very little work needs to be done when installing a tiki torch.

A lit tiki torch at night with lots of multi-colored bokeh in the background

The modernisation of tiki torches

Modern Tiki torch designs are available in vivid options. From oil to gas, they can be fuelled with whichever you find feasible. Given their raw material, their designs can also be altered.

A Comprehensive Look at Gas Tiki Torches

If you thought these gorgeous ambient lighting adds nothing more than show to the campus, know that these can also help keeping the annoying mosquitoes and pesky insects away.

The addition of drama

Outdoor gas tiki torch enhances the outdoor space definition. With equally spaced structures, these lights can create a more organized entryway, not to forget, a more illuminated way! As you see this classic style, you will know why it remains to be a popular choice even for the contemporary styles. There is, however, a unique but dramatic hip variation that is greatly admired by the designers – placing these torches in the outdoor pools with waterfalls and natural stone set up! This moderately expensive way of setting up the entrance can be brilliantly impressive for your guests.

The sight of an incandescent flare can any day change the mood of the hour! Be it for a theatrical entranceway or a tranquil backyard, tiki torches will definitely create a sizzling look of your property.

Safety tips

Despite the appeal of the Tiki torches, always remember that they are fire features; which means, any lapses on the structure can be catastrophic. It is advisable to not place the Tiki torch directly under any trees or shrubs. Also, make sure not to keep it in close proximity of the pergola. Furthermore, make sure to firmly fix the structures before lighting them, do not forget to put a snuffer cap to put out the flame.

At Outdoor Fire and Patio, you can get wide selection of manual gas tiki torch all of which are installed with All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS). The experts will help you understand about the custom features and get it installed. Visit to find out more about the items.

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A Comprehensive Look at Gas Tiki Torches

Broken out the Tiki torches before the fall? Find out from the top-notch selection of fire products to fill up your backyard with light, life, and levity! Your favourite tropical gas torches can offer a lot to make the patio look vivid than the rest of the properties.

Outdoor Fire And Patio_tiki torches

Outdoor garden torches or as often called the tiki torches have dotted summer landscapes for a long time now. Installing high-grade copper-construction models are common if you are looking for permanent fixtures. Be it kerosene or gas fuelled, the tiki torches are indeed one of the most interesting features of any residential or official property.

Outdoor Fire And Patio_tiki torches_02

Some folks prefer manual gas tiki torch that are easy for installation and setup. The modern gas tiki torches are dependable in all weather and are created to withstand all form of weather. The automated gas tiki torches have convenience where you can custom the features with the All Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS).

Outdoor Fire And Patio_tiki torches_03

A propane or natural gas tiki torch head is one of the most common types of fire products that are used in the patio design. It works by delivering the source fuel at a certain pressure, and it thus allows the flame to be higher and more brilliant than the other kerosene model.  Speaking of kerosene model, the flame height is dictated by how much fuel is actually present and is consumed by the exposed wick above the uppermost fitting.  Generally, the fibreglass wicks have a longer life compared to that of a cotton wick.  This is because cotton wicks will actually burn down with the consumption of the fuel.

In contrast, natural and propane gas tiki torches do not demand any such form of attention.  The torch’s flame is a consistent and would go on for a longer period. You can burn the flame with a master valve, and can carry on with long-term maintenance. Also, when you have a propane grill, it keeps the torch’s orifice and burner free from debris.  Usually, there is an initial trenching required for gas lines when installing the tiki torches. This is why they are more ideally suited for new landscapes, or on existing landscapes where the trenching can be done with minimal disruption.

Installing fire features on the backyard needs safety and proper maintenance. It is best left to the experts who can take care of the after sales service as well. Outdoor Fire and Patio is a trusted name when it comes to fire bowl, fireplace and fire pit products. Choose from a wide variety of fire feature products and accessories at the most reasonable price and get quality assurance for all the items. Visit to find out more.

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How to buy the Right Pit Insert Design for Your Fire Feature?

If you are browsing through the internet for gas fire pit inserts, it is highly possible that you would love to know about the different types of fire pits and fire features to go with it. To start off with, let’s figure out how to buy the right pit insert design and make the most of it.

Outdoor Fire and Patio

But before that, a quick glance at gas fire pits.

A gas fire pit is the modern version of the classic fire pit that offers more convenience and safety in a controlled fire to provide warmth and ambiance. A gas fire pit features a gas burner or insert to ignite the flames, and it can be used with different options like lava rock, fire glass, or ceramic log sets.

Things to keep in mind before buying a fire pit insert:

  1. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while buying a fire pit insert is its shape. It needs to be perfectly in sync with the shape of your fire pit. Though mostly available in rectangular or circular shapes as the popular ones, these days the quirky shapes like star and twists are gaining popularity fast to make the flame stand out and to grab the attention of the guests and hosts alike.
  2. The next most important thing is the material of the gas fire pit inserts. Stainless steel is the most popular and most preferred option for the burner trough, but that’s not it. There are several other options when it comes to the burning display – to name a few are faux logs, diamond glass and crystals.
  3. Equally important is the ignition mechanism for your fire pit insert. Among the most popular choices are remote ignition which is fired by a switch located somewhere in your home or outdoor landscape. Push button ignition is also preferred, which is located on or adjacent to the fire pit itself.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that the right fire pit can provide one of the most exotic ambiance in your backyard making it heavenly. With plenty of styles and features, fire pits are no more just wood and fire. And to accompany it as a whole, the right gas fire pit inserts is equally important.

Outdoor Fire and Patio offers some of the most spectacular and effective pit inserts to go with your fire pits. Contact them on or at (866) 488-6518 if you want to make your purchase.

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Safety Elements For Tiki Torches

Backyard entertaining is all about games, barbecues and fun. And if the setting is late evening or night, you will need some light features as well. Candles and lanterns can look cozy, but there’s nothing to beat the delightful ambience of tiki torches!

Indeed, the sight of spectacular flames leaping into the sky from torches can look quite enchanting. These can be used to line the driveway, accentuate the patio, light up the garden or add an exotic touch to the pool deck.

tiki torches

A propane or natural gas tiki torch adds ease of use as well as they can burn indefinitely and you don’t have to bother about refueling or even cleaning the debris later on.

However, certain safety precautions are crucial, irrespective of whether you are using an oil or gas tiki torch:

• The torches should be properly anchored in the ground in a permanent setting. Even if you are using portable ones, ensure that the base is firm and sturdy.

• Each torch should go atleast 6 inches into the ground for proper stability.

• The torches should be placed 6 to 8 feet apart from each other. Ensure a minimum 6 feet distance from the house or other structures.

• Never place a torch under a tree, awning or other overhang.

Wood and bamboo torches are quite popular as they are easier on the budget. However, the risk is amplified due to the inflammable materials.

This is why most people prefer to source natural gas tiki torch and other fire features from Outdoor Fire & Patio ( The company provides top quality and safe fire features and accessories at the best prices. For instance, all their tiki torches are made of metal and gas based too. The pole will always be made of steel while the torch head will be copper, steel or other metal, depending on the design and style.