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Design your Residential Property with wood Fire Pits

Choosing the perfect fire pit is never an easy option. Arranging the right fuel, proper design, correct size and material needs a lot of brainstorming.

Design your Residential Property with wood Fire Pits

A fire pit brings in an immediate focus on your hardscape design and in no time turns as the favourite spot to gather, relax and enjoy with your loved ones. The ambiance of a crackling fire is always something special and should you wish to make the place a little more attractive than the general designs, goes for the outdoor wood fire pits.

Whether you want to use the place for campfire cooking and for grilling, it is necessary to make the right choice of fuel first. While many votes for propane gas, the aesthetic people create the wood burning pits. Classic wood burning fire pits often pats on the childhood nostalgia when campfires used to be one the greatest adventures of our lives. Toasting the marshmallows while constantly going around with the ghost stories –  those seemed to be the best days of our lives!

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The outdoor wood fire pits has always been an instant love because wood as a fuel runs hotter for maximum warmth and creates a grand ambience. This all-natural fuel is often an inexpensive choice than the rest of the alternatives such as propane.  You can get the appliances nowadays which create a smoke-free zone without compromising on the warmth and the look.

The new appliances for out fire pits have options of instant start-up, along with the latest technology that can control the flame easily. What makes it a popular residential choice is their minimal maintenance requirements. To keep the party going in any season, you can arrange for the fire pit covers, bases and spark guards.

That being said, it is always advices to remain very cautious of the fire around you. So, whenever you go for a wood burning fire pit, make sure to follow the following basic precautions –

  • Keep rocks around the pit
  • The place where you place the pit must be at least six inches deep
  • Do not have many bushes around the pit
  • Make sure it is out of reach of children

At Outdoor Fire and Patio, what matters most is customers’ safety along with unsurpassed customer service. To find out more about their products, visit

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Did You Know about the Three main Gas Fire Pit Tables?

For every home, what can be a better option than a fireplace that is the ultimate cozy focal point to sit around and relax with family and friends? Delivering a warm glow which is both enjoyable as well as relaxing, Gas Fire Pit Table is definitely a smart addition to the modern home decors.


Whether you are looking for concrete or metallic fire tables, all of these fire tables can help maintain the organic, and natural look of the property. The ultra-compact fire table tops are basically unique to each of the items, but what is most important is the safety and quality of the products.

As Gas Fire Pit Tables have bring in the new wave of landscape decor for both residential as well as commercial complexes, there are now plenty of options to choose from. Depending on the ambience and your budget, you can choose from the broad categories such as:

Gas Fire Pit Tables

Concrete fire pit tables

Made from the blend of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), these are structurally strong but are light to carry. Concrete artisans of the USA individually design these concrete fire tables. They are carefully marked taking into consideration the gas fire burners. There are different dimensions available for the gas fire burners and the artisans can custom crate the fire features for a beautiful finish. You can get the bullet burner that is so designed to produce 50% higher flame with 30% lesser consumption. These tables are liquid propane and natural gas compatible, not to forget how beautiful they look as an outdoor landscape feature.

Copper Fire Pit Tables

The metal fire pit tables are generally handcrafted individually and are customized according to the order. You can get various options of shapes, styles, finishes and colors hinging on the rest of the adornments in the surrounding mood.

These fire pit tables come with certified match lit system kit, stainless steel burner, stainless steel plate, and lava rock.  And, interestingly, these pit tables are all liquid propane or natural gas compatible.

Steel Fire Pit Tables

The steel fire pit tables are also individually handcrafted and can be customized depending on the size and budget.  The artisans offer different styles, colors, shapes, and finishes that would suit any residential or commercial need.

The outdoor market has a huge demand for these fire pit tables and all of them have certified match lit system kit, stainless steel burner, stainless steel plate, and lava rock along with the order.  Similar to the metal fire pit tables, these are also liquid propane or natural gas compatible.

Outdoor Fire and Patio is the innovator in fire pit products. Not just the quality and designs, OFP has utmost care in maintaining the safety and quality of these products. From top-notch customer support to friendly staffs with decade long experience, provides brilliant service and products. Visit to find out more.

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Copper Fire Bowls – Outdoor Fire And Patio

Copper Fire Bowls

Outdoor Fire and Patio has the finest Quality Copper Fire Bowls available on the market. Our 100% Copper Fire Bowls are Spun and polished to give you the highest quality Outdoor Copper Fire Bowl that will complete your Fire Design.

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Quick Idea About Concrete Fire Bowls

To crowd around fire has been a natural process ever since humans started becoming civilized. And fast forwarding it to the 21st century, this is an elegant trend for any residential or commercial outdoor set up!

Concrete Accessories for your Home

A fire pit, no matter how casual or simple it is built, will always stand out on its own. And, this great patio concept is loved by the designers who nearly always suggest including it in the landscape. Whether you are implementing a portable wood-burning fire pit, or a sleek, exceptionally designed contemporary gas model, this will remain as one of the favorite centers for your friends and family o gather around for a relaxing evening.

When installing the concrete fire bowls, one of the first things you need to consider is the safety. This fire will be one of the most popular places where even your kids and other family children might gather around. It is thus, elemental, to make the set up safe and secured. Today, there are many options in terms of sizes, shapes and techniques to choose from. The Automated System Concrete fire bowls will allow installing the electric fire bowl and it can be made in sync with switches, remotes, or even personalized apps.  Depending on the shape of the patio, you can choose the concrete bowl accordingly – square or round.

One of the best things you can do with the concrete fire bowls is that they can be set up even in the inclement weather. To make the patio look even more interesting, you can install opposing features, such as a small water fountain. The reason you should hire professionals to set up the design because maintaining the balance in the outdoor yard is vital and to have the right fire pit patio is a must to maintain the elegance of the property.

Outdoor Fire and Patio takes great care of its products in terms of safety measures for their customers. Being in the outdoor industry for more than a decade now, they will provide brilliant customer care services without compromising on the quality of the items. To know more about their services and the latest products for outdoor designing, visit

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6 Unbelievable Facts About Home Decor with Plants

6 Unbelivable Facts About Home Decor with Plants_Outdoor Fire And Patio

Commercial planters are perfect accessory for both the indoors and out. The decorative large concrete planters in the lawnway of your patio or in the corner of the living room can amplify the positive vibes of your ambience. Choose from the plethora of modern outdoor planters to mark a signature green landscape for both residential or official complexes.