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6 Unbelievable Facts About Home Decor with Plants

6 Unbelivable Facts About Home Decor with Plants_Outdoor Fire And Patio

Commercial planters are perfect accessory for both the indoors and out. The decorative large concrete planters in the lawnway of your patio or in the corner of the living room can amplify the positive vibes of your ambience. Choose from the plethora of modern outdoor planters to mark a signature green landscape for both residential or official complexes.

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Planning to Install Commercial Planters?

Ever wondered how to ‘wow’ your first time visitors or clients to your residence or office building? Plant pots or planters arranged in lines or some pattern across the landscape of the retail buildings, restaurants, offices, hotels can add to the elegance of the property.

Planning to Install Commercial Planters

With a wide selection of extra-large planters along with the eye-catching tall entrance planters will automatically attract the attention of the visitors. Had you been planning for a resale, these added beautification can score up the price of the property as well! These commercial planters give a vivid definition of the space, accentuate the patio space and add a sense of calmness to the entire ambience. When looking to add something inviting and appealing to your location, commercial plant pots are a smart move sure to please all your visitors!

How often should you replace them?

Depending on the materials the planters are made of or the kind of elements they are exposed to determines the frequency in which you should replace your commercial planters.

Traditional plastic planters are generally replaced after every couple of years. For the inside plastic planters, it can go on for several years, certainly more than the outside ones. Cheaply made or expensive, plastic is very prone to cracking. So, once there is a fissure it can break into half anytime soon. Thus, if you have a cracked planter hanging, the dangers are more. Stone planters are porous by nature and can form cracks over time. Regular water infiltration can ultimately deteriorate in as little as a few years. The unique resin-based blend or the terra casted planters can withstand long years of abuse with little to no maintenance.

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How to buy the Right Pit Insert Design for Your Fire Feature?

If you are browsing through the internet for gas fire pit inserts, it is highly possible that you would love to know about the different types of fire pits and fire features to go with it. To start off with, let’s figure out how to buy the right pit insert design and make the most of it.

Outdoor Fire and Patio

But before that, a quick glance at gas fire pits.

A gas fire pit is the modern version of the classic fire pit that offers more convenience and safety in a controlled fire to provide warmth and ambiance. A gas fire pit features a gas burner or insert to ignite the flames, and it can be used with different options like lava rock, fire glass, or ceramic log sets.

Things to keep in mind before buying a fire pit insert:

  1. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while buying a fire pit insert is its shape. It needs to be perfectly in sync with the shape of your fire pit. Though mostly available in rectangular or circular shapes as the popular ones, these days the quirky shapes like star and twists are gaining popularity fast to make the flame stand out and to grab the attention of the guests and hosts alike.
  2. The next most important thing is the material of the gas fire pit inserts. Stainless steel is the most popular and most preferred option for the burner trough, but that’s not it. There are several other options when it comes to the burning display – to name a few are faux logs, diamond glass and crystals.
  3. Equally important is the ignition mechanism for your fire pit insert. Among the most popular choices are remote ignition which is fired by a switch located somewhere in your home or outdoor landscape. Push button ignition is also preferred, which is located on or adjacent to the fire pit itself.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that the right fire pit can provide one of the most exotic ambiance in your backyard making it heavenly. With plenty of styles and features, fire pits are no more just wood and fire. And to accompany it as a whole, the right gas fire pit inserts is equally important.

Outdoor Fire and Patio offers some of the most spectacular and effective pit inserts to go with your fire pits. Contact them on or at (866) 488-6518 if you want to make your purchase.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Propane Fire Pit Tables 🔥 🔥 🔥

outdoor fire and patio

While talking about outdoor décor and fire arrangements, propane fire table beats every other option with its ease of use, benefits and effectiveness. Propane comes in tanks which can be attached to a grill or fire pit. The convenience of using the same lies with the fact that the entire operation is easily portable depending on your seating arrangements or gathering point in the backyard.

Are you thinking of getting a propane fire pit? Wondering why the propane version is better? Here are few points to convince you the pros of propane fire pit:

outdoor fire and patio01

  • No ashes to mess up the space

Who wouldn’t love it if there is less cleanup process involved post the use of a certain space? Much like your kitchen, life becomes easier if you don’t have to clear the ashes after using the fire pit.

  • Can be used in every weather

Winter is fine, but what about a summer evening when you don’t want to have a fire lit? That’s where the table version fits better.

Concrete Fire TablesCopper Fire Tables | Steel Fire Tables

  • Portable, movable and easily adjustable

A portable fire pit is way more flexible. Be it a special event, or the changing weather, or any specific reason to rearrange your backyard, you may need to move your propane fire table. And this benefit you certainly wouldn’t get in a fire pit.

outdoor fire and patio03

  • Reusable, resalable and hence good value for money

Propane fire tables hold their value well, as it can survive for long beating the test of time. Hence, not only can you sell it for further use, you can also buy hands down pit table for your own purpose.

  • Easily affordable

The cost to get a fire pit table installed is quite affordable making it an easy choice for your backyard.

How to buy a fire pit table?

Looking for a propane fire table? And not sure how to narrow down your search? Here are some suggestions to help you out with buying the right fire pit table:

  • Choose models that have a large table top and ignore the ones that are narrow. The larger ones are easier to serve food and drinks, and do also accommodate more people when required.
  • The fire tables come with a cover plate to completely conceal the pit itself so that you can use the full surface as a table.
  • Try to stick to round shaped or hexagonal tables rather than the square version that ends up taking more space on your deck.

If you are looking to add an elegant touch to your backyard with the right choice of propane fire pit tables, get in touch with Outdoor Fire and Patio on or at (866) 488-6518 for details.

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All about Commercial Planters – A Complete Guide

outdoor fire and patio

Want to create a sense of energy and positive vibes around your home? There’s nothing that beats the idea of placing commercial planters in your outdoors. Adding colorful flowers, pots and containers not only adds to a visual treat, but also serves as a great inviting effect for the guests and customers.

Uses and benefits of commercial planters:

  • Commercial planters add to the aesthetic beauty of your surroundings
  • The touch of colorful flowers and exotic plants serves as an inviting vibe
  • The impact is high at a minimal cost
  • It has a positive impression on your guests attracting more people to your facility, retail store, multifamily community or office building

outdoor fire and patio_02

Who are commercial planters intended to?

  1. Retail centers and shopping malls: Facilities managers who run malls should carefully select and place commercial planters filled with seasonal, welcoming plants to make guests feel comfortable in a beautiful environment.
  2. Office buildings: Commercial spaces like office buildings can easily be drab if they are not carefully thought out. Plain basic walls and interiors can often bore the employees and clients. Though interior decorations might help to a great extent, nothing beats the impact of green and living to perk up the vibes of your workspace. When adding commercial planters to your office, remember the entrance and reception areas, which leave a lasting impression.
  3. Multifamily communities and apartment complexes: The best way to work on the outdoors of apartment complexes are by adding plant and flower displays to the inside of your lobby or lounge, and also on the passage of the entrance to attract the eyeballs of those who enter the complex.
  4. Parks and nature preserves: You might think parks and gardens won’t need additional plants since they are already outdoors. However, the addition of potted plants works the best to dress up the lush outdoors. It can also be easier to grow plants in a planter since the soil quality is easier to control. Work with a landscape design professional to strategize what size and shape of planters would match your outdoor style.

🍀 Concrete Planters That Are A Win-Win 🍀

If you want to work on your outdoor décor by placing commercial planters at the right places for the right impact, get in touch with a professional who works on the same. Outdoor Fire and Patio is a trusted name in the same context who can be contacted on or call at (866) 488-6518 for details.

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5 Fire Trench Accessories to Beautify your Landscape

outdoor fire and patio

Enhancing your outdoor landscape is not easy; it requires vision and the right purchase to fill the space with classy attraction. However, accessorizing a fire pit correctly can drive even the furnishing experts crazy. To bring the point home, you don’t have to look elsewhere in order to know what makes up incredible fire fixtures, check out these accessories that can cover all your needs.

outdoor fire and patio_02

  1. Fire pit glass

Setting up a fire trench isn’t enough, enhancing the look and texture of its fire comes under beautifying too. Fire glass is designed to resist the extreme heat that a pit creates. To simplify it for you, the rough grounded glass won’t melt or create any soot but just increase the beauty altogether.

outdoor fire and patio_03

  1. Fire pit glass stones

This accessory is one notch higher than fire glass. These beauties come in several forms like black diamond luster, midnight blue luster, powder blue luster and more. However, words don’t do justice to these pretty fire pit stones; these attractive fire accessories deserve a glance for sure.

outdoor fire and patio_04

  1. Gas fire pit burner

The gas burner completes the look of every fire feature. Different categories will add up to the durability and beauty of your fire trench. Furthermore, exceptional accessories like stainless steel fire pit burners can be the ultimate fit for your search.

outdoor fire and patio_05

  1. Gas Fire Pit Inserts

Fire feature inserts can be found individually or in a kit. It’s easier and faster to buy the inserts in a kit because they are mostly ready to install and prepare your fire feature conveniently.

outdoor fire and patio_06

  1. Gas Fire Pit Tables

Lastly, to assemble these accessories, you will require a fixture which these fire pit tables are fit for. You might want to set an innovative yet structurally strong table to reflect the beauty of the accessories you are planning. These fire tables come in various varieties like copper, steel, concrete, and even music city fire tables.

To set up an incredible fire pit in your landscape, you can browse through Outdoor Fire and Patio by visiting or dial (866)488-6518 to order your requirements directly.  They stock some of the latest and attractive pieces for your landscape furnishing.

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Boom Boom Boom Sales on Planters Bowl!!!

Boom Boom Boom on Sales on Planters Bowl!!!

Modern concrete planter bowls that enhance any landscape area.

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