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Which Gas For Your Fire Feature?

A gas fire feature is the perfect foil to enjoying an outdoor fire. You don’t have to worry about collecting and storing firewood. You will not be bothered with patiently igniting the logs and waiting for the embers to die out in the end. Things are as easy as turning the gas control on and off!

Which Gas For Your Fire Feature_outdoor fire and patio

Now there are two options in gas concrete fire tables and pits – You can opt for natural gas or propane.

You will most likely have a natural gas connection already in your home. It is delivered through pipelines to power water heaters, stoves and the like. Therefore, all you have to do is hook up the fire feature to your existing gas line. However, this will make the fire pit or table a stationary fixture where it is connected to the gas line. You cannot move it easily. Moreover, you will have to dig up the yard to install a gas line in case your home doesn’t have an existing connection.

On the other hand, propane comes in bottles or small cylinders. Gas fire pit tables usually contain a hidden compartment for storing the tank. In case of a fire pit or bowl, you will have to consider where to locate the propane bottle so that it does not become an eyesore. However, propane brings the ease of moving the fire feature wherever you wish in the backyard and a fire table can also be shifted indoors whenever you want.

Then again, propane works out more expensive than natural gas. But it is considered a more efficient fuel compared to natural gas. Yet, you will also have to keep refills handy if you don’t want the fire to extinguish midway when the tank runs dry.

Outdoor Fire & Patio ( offers a mind-blowing range of copper, steel and concrete fire tables, bowls and pits. All of them are compatible with both propane and natural gas.

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Glass Stones In A Fire Pit Anyone?

Just like gas fire pits are replacing wood burning ones, the resultant ash and soot can make way for some dazzling fire pit glass!


This is not to say that adding accessories like glass stones is mandatory in a natural gas or propane fire pit. However, using colored glass pieces to line the bottom of the pit will surely make the fire pit look opulent and attractive. You can choose the colors and shapes you wish and arrange them in any which pattern – they are bound to magnificent. And as the flames reflect off the glistening surface of the glass rocks, it will further intensify the beauty of the blazing fire.

Apart from the neat and stylish appearance, using fire pit glass also has a lot of other benefits in store. As glass is an efficient conductor of heat, it will magnify the heat generated in the gas fire pit while using less fuel. This proves to be very economical in the long run.

You will find that the glass rocks are durable and can literally last you a lifetime. They can withstand the high temperatures without cracking, chipping or exploding at all. The glass stones are tumbled during production to soften the edges and make them safe to handle as well. So, just purchase them once and use them forever.

The fire pit lined with glass stones will hardly ever look sullied or dirty, doing away with the need for regular cleaning and maintenance. The glass stones itself are low maintenance and can be cleaned easily whenever needed. In case they start looking dull or dusty, simply wash them with soapy water to restore the luster instantly.

Furthermore, you can play around with the colors, shapes or layout of the stones to render a brand new look to the fire pit any time you wish!

You will find an assortment of fire pit glass options along with top quality gas fire pits at Outdoor Fire & Patio (

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Safety Comes First With Fire Pits

Nothing can beat the charm of a crackling fire and glowing flames in the backyard. It’s a welcoming sight that draws people and becomes the focal point of all activities. Everyone will love to gather around the fire and eat, drink, dance, play or just chat for hours at end.

Safety Comes First With Fire Pits

However, the risks associated with having a fire amidst a group of people cannot be ignored either. The hazards are definitely much lesser when you have a gas fire table or even a wood fire pit rather than an open bonfire.

Yet, following are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when using a fire pit or table:

  • Location – The fire feature should obviously be set a safe distance away from any combustible structure. This means you cannot push the pit or table against the sides of the house, the barn or even the fence. Similarly, stay away from shrubs and trees; do not place it under a canopy, low-hanging branches or even cable wires, etc. The surface should be steady and non-inflammable – this includes wooden decks and even grassy surfaces – especially for wood burning fire pits. Maintaining proper ventilation is crucial.
  • Surroundings – The immediate area should also be free of flammable materials like dry leaves, paper, cloth and so on. Be especially careful with wood burning fire pits as the flying embers can set fire to these things instantly. In fact, it is better not to start a fire when the atmosphere is very windy. Always keep a fire extinguisher or water and sand handy as a safety measure.
  • Materials – A gas fire table should be connected to the appropriate propane or natural gas source. For wood burning ones, use the right timber and kindling materials – soft or damp woods are strict no-no. Never burn leaves, sticks or trash, even in a pinch.
  • Igniting – Gas or gel fire features can be lit easily with the flick of a switch or even automatically with a remote. You can maintain the temperature and size of the flames as well. On the other hand, for wood burning ones it is better to use a fire starter stick and strictly avoid gasoline or other such fluids. Add more wood slowly and cover the flames with an appropriate fire pit screen. Keep an eye on the fire and never leave it unattended or even allow children near the fire feature.
  • Extinguishing – It follows that gas and gel powered fires can be extinguished easily as well. Snuffing the wood ones takes time and patience. You can use a shovel or pour some water to hasten the process. But do not try to bury the fire as it can aggravate the situation. Wait till the embers die down completely and clear out the ashes the next day.
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Accessories For Wood Fire Pit

Accessories For Wood Fire Pit_outdoor fire and patio

There’s something about the hiss and crackle of burning wood that mesmerizes the senses. Even the woody smell spreads a warm allure all over. Indeed, the charm of wood burning outdoor fire pits just cannot be replicated by modern gas and propane fire pit options.

However, a wood fire also requires special care and caution. You have to patiently stoke the fire to life. And once the fire gets going, you should keep a watch out for flying embers too. You cannot leave the fire unattended and it should be carefully snuffed out once you are done.

These particular precautions may tempt you to opt for the easier gas fire pit options. But if you are really craving the hiss and roar of real flames, help is still at hand in the form of fire pit accessories that will keep you safe even as you indulge in the simple joy of a blazing fire.

For instance, why worry about popping sparks or flying embers when you can cover the flames with a fire pit screen or cover? These screens and covers come in several shapes and sizes to suit various fire pits. Furthermore, fire pit and accessories providers like Outdoor Fire & Patio ( also take custom fire screen orders to suit special requirements. These are made from top quality American steel and both carbon steel and stainless steel (brush finish too) options are available. You can choose a screen with a hinged door or just lift off the screen with a fire pit poker when you need to tend the fire in the wood burning outdoor fire pits.

Similarly, there is a selection of fire pit wind guards to protect the fire from strong winds. These are made of heavy-duty glass and will also prevent accidents if something or someone gets close to the burning flames.

In addition, snuffer covers help take care of the wearing task of killing the fire. They help snuff out the fire in a shorter period of time. They also keep the wood dry and safe from rain or debris.

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Fire Glass – A Low Maintenance Option! 🔥 🔥

Even before you can start enjoying the blazing flames of a fire, worries of cleaning up the fire pit or table start clogging the mind! You will have to draw on the fire pit cleaning kit the very next day to set the fire feature right and ready for the next use. Indeed, maintaining a wood fire feature is a cumbersome task that can even keep you from indulging in the cozy pleasure offered by the dancing flames.

fire glass – a low maintenance option_outdoorfireandpatio

So, do you want to end up shunning the fire feature altogether? Why not take recourse in a gas or propane powered one instead? All you have to do is assemble and connect the fire feature before lining the bottom with fire pit glass stones – and the fire will be good to go instantly!

The flames will bounce off the glass stones to create a mesmerizing brilliance. Just gazing into the fire turns into a fascinating activity with all the sparkle and shine reflected by the glass beneath.

And you don’t have to lose sleep over the cleaning anymore. There will be no ash, soot or splinters that are analogous with burning of wood. Use the fire whenever you want without sparing a thought to the maintenance afterwards.

You can choose from different colors, shapes, sizes and styles as well as play around with the arrangement to create an aesthetic touch. The stones may start looking dull or dirty with prolonged use. But just a wash and rinse will get them sparkling like new all over again. In fact, simply changing the glass stones can give a fresh look to the fire feature.

You can check out gas fire features and fire pit glass stones along with other accessories at Outdoor Fire And Patio ( The range is quite substantial, the prices are pretty reasonable and quality always remains top class.